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What I've Got For You:
If it's time for new facilities very soon you'll find your church in a highly disrupted state. The process of planning and building will take more time, more money, and more influence than you ever imagined. Many look back on the construction season and call it a crisis. My hope is that you wouldn't waste a good crisis. In this book you'll learn:
  • How to know when you're ready to build - You can't assume it's time to build.... or you can do the math and know what you have to do to get your church ready for a building campaign.
  • How much you can afford - How to start with how much you can afford and work backwards into your project. Design something you can't afford and your dead in the water.
  • How much space you'll need - When you understand what you need you can make better decisions on what land or building is right for your ministry.
  • The biggest mistakes churches make and how to avoid them - In this book I outline some of the most common mistakes churches make. Many of
  • How to prepare your church for the explosion! - Leverage this season to reach new people and get them to stick.
Why Give It Away?
I've spent the last couple of years compiling much of what I've learned about church building into this book.  So why would I give it away?  Because I'm not trying to sell you a book.  I'm interviewing for a job as your building pastor.  This is part of my resume.